Want to Make a Good Studio? Get a Good Instructor

It’s official, one of the things that keep people coming back to a fitness studio is the person teaching the class. You can have all the gadgets, services, and the latest trends, but if you don’t have someone leading the pack, then the people won’t stick around.

Finding a good and qualified fitness instructor can be hard, but they do exist. When interviewing a prospect, figure out if they are a good fit for the culture of your fitness studio. Their personality and methods are what keeps the class coming back, so they should always be full of energy and pumped to start a workout class with their students.

If they can motivate their students to work harder, push themselves harder, and go the distance, then they will be a good fit. Since most people come to work out with other people or friends, having an instructor who empathizes buddying up and working with your partners, and really starting a community in your fitness studio livonia can help.

Instructors should have a large presence during the class. Your gym will probably have a group of people not taking the class and working out on their own, people attending the snack bar, and people coming and going. The instructor should be able to get above the noise and keep their class in their own little world.

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Finally, the instructors should ideally be members of the gym themselves, as there is something really special about having an instructor hop in the trenches and do a workout with their students. It can be really motivating and can make the lines between instructor and student blur a bit, as they’ll just be another person working out alongside you. Once you find the right instructor, then use them for your gym and hopefully you’ll see membership skyrocket!