Tips for Quicker Healing After a Knee Fracture

A knee fracture is very painful and creates a number of obstacles in life for many weeks. The knee eventually heals from a fracture in most cases, however, is more troublesome for elderly people since their bones are starting to degenerate. Knee fractures happen due to many causes. For athletes, these injuries are especially common. If you’ve sustained a knee fracture, use the tips below to improve the recovery time needed after your injury.

Visit the Doctor

Obviously, a visit to the doctor is in order when you fracture the knee. The doctor will likely X-ray the knee and put a cast on it to prevent further injury. Make sure to keep each visit with the knee fracture sports doctor clovis ca that is scheduled and follow all care instructions the doctor provides.

Elevate Your Leg

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If you suspect a knee fracture, it’s important to get off the knee quickly. Lie some pillows on the bed or sofa and elevate the leg and knee as well.

Protect Your Knee Before an Accident

Knee shins and guards protect the knee from fractures as well as bruises, sprains, and other types of problems that would put you out of the game and on the sofa for a period of time. Visit the drug store or a braces specialty store to find knee braces that keep your knees protected and wear them when there’s risk of a knee injury.

Use Compresses

Heat and cold compresses minimize swelling and ease some of the pain that you feel after a fracture. Use them in rotation after a fracture to improve healing time and keep the pain away.

It can take up to eight weeks to heal from a knee fracture and longer if it is a severe injury. Use the tips above to ensure the fastest possible healing time after your injury. Don’t be out of commission longer than need be!